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Famously known as 襠Green City͢eya is located in the southwest of Tanzania. With its subtropical highland climate mixture of humid summers and dry winters, the city has today evolved from the gold mining at Lupa in the 1920s to the strategic stop-off on the Tanzam Highway and TAZARA railway and now famous for its small-scale farming rich with bananas, potatoes, maize, soya, beans, rice and tea. The rains usually start in October until May which then follows with a dry and cold spells from June to September. Mbeya is also the largest producer and exporter of cash crops such as Arabica coffee, tea, cocoa and pyrethrum.
Needless to say, it is the springboard for some of the best hiking in Tanzania with well defined and established hiking trails and several mountains to climb such as the Rungwe Mountains and a couple of community-based tourism projects. Some interesting and exciting activities in Mbeya include visiting Ngozi Crater Lake, Kaporogwe Falls, Usangu Basin, Kiwira Natural Bridge and the hot water springs.
Mbeya is accessible to the rest of the Tanzania and the world through its newly established Songwe International Airport and the TAZARA railway line and also through tarmac roads.
Precision Air will fly you there daily.

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania and commercial centre of the country located at the coast of Indian Ocean, inhabited with more than 2,497,940 people. The city also hosts a port which serves not only Tanzania but also other land locked neighboring countries. It is also the jump point to tourism attractions in the country, such as Zanzibar, and Bagamoyo. Its beaches and city layout also makes one of the finest tourism destination.
The city is accessible by Air, water, road and rail. It has a well road network that connects it to the interior of the country and beyond country boarders. Julius Nyerere International airport is the starting point and landing point for many international flights.


Kilimanjaro, located northeast of Tanzania is host to one of the prominent land features in the World .i.e. the number one free standing mountain and the second tallest mountain in the world ﵮt KilimanjaroԨe region is home to Chagga and Pare people, with population of more than 1,381,149 people living into 7 district that include Rombo, Hai, Moshi Rural, Moshi Urban, Mwanga,Siha, and Same.

Economic activities in Kilimanjaro region are mainly Agriculture, Commercial and Tourism, the region is commonly known for the cultivation of Coffee, Banana, Maize, Beans.

Kilimanjaro region is served with Kilimanjaro International Aiport which is located in between Moshi town and Arusha town, Precision Air has daily flights to Kilimanjaro.


Located at the shore of Indian Ocean with one of the most attractive beaches in Africa, luxurious hotels and rich in marine life and Swahili culture, Mombasa offers one of the best places for vacations and family trips. Precision air takes you there landing at Moi International Airport.

The average temperature in Mombasa is 26.3 ෨ich gives cool breezy weather to explore the beach. Mombasa is characterized with Swahili culture,

With the population of 939,370, Mombasa economy mainly depend on the tourism, Mombasa port which makes Mombasa major trade centre whereby the port not only serve Kenya but also it serves the neighboring landlocked countries such as Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi while tourism feed it with foreigners who provide potential for trade.


Entebbe is a major town in Central Uganda. Located on a Lake Victoria peninsula, the town was at one time, the seat of government for the Protectorate of Uganda, prior to Independence in 1962.

Entebbe is the location of Entebbe International Airport, Uganda's largest commercial and military airport,Entebbe sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. Entebbe lies at 00.04N, 32.465E. It is situated in Wakiso District, approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi), southwest of Kampala, Uganda's largest city and capital.

"Entebbe", in the local Luganda language, means a "seat", and was probably named that because it was the place where a Baganda chief sat to adjudicate legal cases

Entebbe International Airport links Uganda to different destinations within and out of Africa.


Comoros is an archipelago of four beautiful islands deriving its name from the Arabic word 'Qamar' meaning Moon; famously known as perfume island, it reflects its massive production of Ylang Ylang which is the important ingredient for perfume making. Located ten degrees south of the equator in the western Indian Ocean just 200 miles off east African coast. Home to a mixed civilization made up with Arab and Africa origin estimated to make a population of more than 798,000. With beautiful landscape, beaches, culture and a warm hospitality, Comoros is a never miss destination.


Zanzibar famously known as spice island, formed by two main island that are Unguja and Pemba and about 51 other islets inhabited with more than 984,625 people, home to Swahili culture located at 36Km from Tanzania mainland and it is blessed with good number of world tourist attraction such as historical sites, splendid beaches, spice farms, hotels and lodges, old forts and ruins and Swahili culture itself.

With a tropical weather Zanzibar offer a good tourist destination, whereby tourism has become one of the major source of government revenue as the sector contribute 70 percent of foreign exchange in Zanzibar.


Famously known as  City쯣ated in the northern part of Tanzania and the main harbor on Lake Victoria which border Uganda to the North West and Kenya to the north east. The has eight administrative divisions which are Nyamagana, Ilemela, Geita, Kwimba, Magu, Misungwi ,Sengerema and Ukerewe.

Mwanza is one of crucial economic region, economic activities being Agriculture; it produces a good amount of Cotton that is exported and some used by local textile industries. It also has a huge deposit of Gold which is mined at Geita district. Lake Victoria, Rubondo Island National Park, and Lake Victoria are tourist destinations that one can explore.

Precision Air fly to Mwanza daily.


The largest and the capital city of Kenya which derives its name from Maasai phrase re Nyorobi质e place of cool water) also it is the fourth largest city in Africa and most populated city in East Africa. Its history goes way back to 1899 where it was a famous railway depot that connects Mombasa and Uganda, until 1963 where it became the capital city of Kenya.

Nairobi is the commercial centre of Kenya and home to many international organizations, UNEP, United Nation Habitat headquarters resides here, Nairobi Stock Exchange is one of the well established Stock Markets in Africa. With a mild climate; agriculture, commerce and tourism are the main economic engine, while flower exportation is the main source of foreign exchange.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is the gate way to many African cities and Precision Air serves this hub with daily flights.


Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia is located in the southern part the country at an elevation of about 1,300 meters (4,265 feet). It has a population of more than 1.7 million based on 2010 census. The official language is English, and for quick help, visitors are also advised to use English to get around the city. Lusaka weather is characterized with subtropical climate, while its coldest month being July with average temperature of 16࡮d warmest being October with temperature around 25r>
While in Lusaka places to visit include Lusaka National Museum, the Political Museum, the Zintu Community Museum, the Freedom Statue, the Zambian National Assembly, Lusaka Playhouse theatre, a cinema, the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, a cenotaph, a golf club, the Lusaka Central Sports Club, and the zoo and botanical gardens of the Munda Wanga Environmental Park.

By air- Kenneth Kaunda International Airport offers various links to other destinations by air, one can get quick link to Johannesburg, Dar es Salaam, Lubumbashi, Nairobi etc (Precision Air also serve these routes).


At the elevation of about 1000 meters above sea level lies the second largest city in Congo 墵mbashi穴h the population of about 1.5 million people, home to copper mining and the border city to Zambia. Languages widely spoken are Swahili, French and English, most people communicate in French though.

The city୵st see includes the zoo, the brewery, and the National Museum of Lubumbashi, which displays archaeological and ethnological exhibits. Lubumbashi also boasts of a healthful botanical garden filled with various plant species, some of which can only be found in Congo.

The climate in Lubumbashi is subtropical featured with max high temperature of 32㠩n October, and the lowest/ coolest being 9㠩n July.

Lubumbashi is accessible by road, rail and by air. Precision Air serves Lubumbashi by connecting it to Lusaka and Dar es Salaam three times a week.


Musoma is also located near the hometown of the first president of Tanzania Mwalimu Julius Nyerere (Butiama) whereby the Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Museums is situated.

It borders Kenya and Uganda to the north with a total population of more than 104,851 people who involve themselves in fishing from Lake Victoria and growing cotton. Precision Air serves the region through Musoma Airport.


Situated at the northern part of the country, Arusha is the centre of tourism in Tanzania and home to famous landscapes in the world such as Ngorongoro, Serengeti and Manyara. It is also regarded as the capital of East Africa and host a large number of international activities plus headquarters to many regional and international organizations for example; the East African Community and International Criminal Tribunal For Rwanda.

Economic activities in Arusha are mainly agriculture whereby Arusha is main producer and exporter of flowers in the country, coffee and other small scale farming. Precious stones such as Tanzanite, which are only found in Tanzania are extracted in Arusha and offer big economic boost to the region.

Tourism is other major economic activity in Arusha Region as it hosts famous national parks and hotels of different standard from one star to five star.


Bukoba is the capital town of Kagera located in the northwest of Tanzania along the offshore of Lake Victoria with estimated population of more than 476, 351 people. Bukoba is also the second largest port on the lake, famous in production of Coffee and Banana (Matoke).

Situated on the shore of Lake Victoria, Bukoba lies only 1 degree south of the Equator and is Tanzania's second largest port on the lake.

The regional capital and Kagera's biggest town is the gateway to the region. The climate is sunny and mild most of the year. It can sometimes get cool especially in the evenings during the two rainy seasons, but never as cold as the winter season in Europe.


Kigoma region is located in the west of Tanzania along the shore of Lake Tanganyika, which border Tanzania from DRC to the west, the region also borders with Burundi from north. Fishing, Agriculture and trade are the major economic activities among the population which is estimated to be more than 135,234 according to 2007 census.

The town also serves as a lake port in western Tanzania, on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika and close to the border with Burundi. It serves as the capital for the surrounding Kigoma Region and has a population of 135,234 (2007 census) and an elevation of 775 m.

The historic trading town of Ujiji is 6 km south-east of Kigoma


Mtwara is a southern region of Tanzania which forms a boundary with Mozambique by the Ruvuma River. Said to be the doorway of tourism in the southeastern part of Tanzania, to the north, the Shangani area is surrounded by good beaches offering tourists and visitors a comfy spot for relaxation.

There is also a main commercial area, where tourists can find banks with ATMs, Post office and several shops. There is also a market situated at the southern end of the region.

For canoe lovers it also possible to canoe or take a dhow across the bay entrance to the Msangankuu peninsula once at the Shangani beach. Here you will find superb beaches with good snorkeling and diving. To the north, past Shangani are the mangroves and coral flats with rock pools and diverse bird life. There is a good choice of bars and restaurants at which to eat and drink.

Precision Air is therefore glad to take you to experience Mtwara.





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